We have best party in town

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AROUND 40,000 people turned Sheffield into a scene from a horror movie as the city celebrated Fright Night.

The event is largely a well-hidden secret in the national calendar as relatively few people from outside the regions are aware of the biggest Hallowe’en party in the UK, if not Europe.

But what a show Sheffield put on.

Fright Night was first staged in 2000 and has gone from strength to strength, bigger and better with every year.

As well as being a great festival, it also serves an important community purpose.

For many years now Hallowe’en has become a date in people’s calendar to either enjoy or fear.

Many elderly and vulnerable people dread to hear the knock on their doors from youngsters who, if they don’t get what they want, can become abusive.

But Fright Night attempts to tackle this. It is a well-managed mass event giving youngsters an outlet to have fun in a safe environment, dress up and enjoy themselves.

As such, the festival has for years now tackled some of the anti-social behaviour caused in other communities.

It also promotes the city, reaching a large audience and attracting people who may not necessarily come into Sheffield.

And that is the rub. The event is an outstanding success. It now needs to reach out and market itself more effectively outside of Sheffield to let others see that when it comes to putting on a Hallowe’en party, there is only one place to come.

Let this be the last waste of life

SADLY, we have witnessed yet another young life tragically ended by murder.

Teenager Deeq Ali, is the third young person to have met a violent end this year.

He somehow became involved in an argument and ended up being shot by a fellow party-goer early yesterday morning.

His death follows the stabbing of Mubarak Ali, 23, as he walked along Crowther Place with his younger brother.

And earlier this year, another young man, Abdulla Awil Mohammed, aged 18, died of severe head injuries when a car was driven at him in Darnall.

Today, police Chief Superintendent Simon Torr revealed a community meeting was held after Deeq’s shooting to appeal for calm and to reassure the community.

We echo these pleas. Three young people have lost their lives needlessly.

Let the latest killing be the last.