We had trouble with wailing and draughty new windows

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I was very interested to read the letters from David Mitchell (Star, December 29) and Michael Parker (January 2) regarding the ‘wailing sound’ from draughty windows.

Many years ago, before my daughter and I bought our flat, the council replaced the old metal windows with PVC double-glazed units and almost immediately when the wind was strong (which it nearly always is at Lodge Moor) there was a whistling sound and our home felt colder than before the new windows were installed. I made enquiries and found out most people were experiencing the same thing.

One person contacted me to say she had been trying to get the situation sorted for months without success.

After hearing similar stories I took it upon myself with another lady to go door to door round our estate with a petition asking people to sign it if they were experiencing problems and they nearly all said that their flats were so draughty they were putting rugs round their legs to keep warm. Assistance was sought from the local councillors and the petition was presented to the council and they reluctantly agreed to send building inspectors up to check the windows.

The inspection established that many windows had been installed incorrectly without bone-couplings and had to be reinstalled and it was also found that normal vents had been fitted in the tops of the windows instead of thermal vents which were recommended for areas exposed to harsh weather conditions and strong winds.

Following repairs the draughts were greatly reduced in the flats but in the communal areas we still get high-pitched whistling, as when the council replaced the old landing windows a few years ago with double-glazed ones they failed to install new double-glazed outer doors.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, S10