We fight for our rights and the rights of others

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We were both saddened and disappointed to see your correspondence from Adam Hood, from Sheffield Pride, criticising Sheffield City Council on its plans for celebrating the introduction of same sex marriage.

Mr Hood has also used the occasion as an opportunity to attack the leader of the council Julie Dore over her record on supporting gay rights in the city. It was ill-informed against someone we personally know has been a consistent supporter of the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) communities in this city.

Some of us in the city have fought for many years against homophobic legislation and the denial of equal rights such as Clause 28, preventing the discussion of homosexuality in schools, and the unequal age of consent.

The equalisation of marriage rights to those in same sex relationships is the culmination of years of campaigning.

We will be using the occasion to celebrate our achievements and suggest that Hood does the same.

We suggest that Mr Hood apologises for an unfounded attack on a woman who has been an ally of the LGBT communities and their fight for equal rights.

Those of us who have fought for our rights and the rights of others know that our energy is better used challenging and confronting those who continue to stand in the way of equality, not those who have stood shoulder to shoulder with us.

His attitude is both divisive and unhelpful in the struggle for equal rights.

Steve Slack and Mark Scott

Clifford Road, S11