We don’t want to be like Leeds

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It was with great interest that I read that John Lewis is to stop in Barkers Pool.

This seems to me to be a very sensible thing to do. Even with their own car park, just who would want to go all that way to shop?

I would simply not bother. Much too inconvenient.

The sales talk for Sevenstone seemed to be, that it would bring us into line with such as Leeds. We would look the same.

Well I do not want Sheffield to look the same. I like the little shops, the curves and bumps of the old buildings. I notice that two shops have reopened at the top of The Moor. Brilliant.

The insides need modernising but that can easily be done. Leave the character outside.

I am not sure about the side of Cambridge Street with the remains of the Grosvenor Hotel, this is not as attractive but if the Park Hill flats can be tarted up, then so can this, reinstating a hotel at the same time.

Surely this makes much more economic and aesthetic sense. I bitterly resent any of my money, council money, going into what will be a load of glass and concrete.

Pauline Elliott

It’s Minden Day

Every year, on August 1, the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry celebrates Minden Day because in 1759 six British regiments defeated a larger French force at the Battle of Minden. Ever since the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry has proudly worn a white rose behind their cap badge. August 1 is Minden Day. Yorkshire Day was created in 1975.

G Hodgson, Hallowmoor Rd, S6

n Editor’s footnote: This letter appeared in Monday’s Star with the Battle of Minden mistakenly taking place in 1959. We apologise for our error in typing the letter.

Memorial sums don’t add up

I read the article by Richard Marsden re the Crimean War Memorial. I was particularly interested in the outrageous quote from the city council of £100,000 for foundations for siting in Crookes Valley Park. This is equivalent to about 1,000 cubic metres of concrete. Surely, there is a mistake. As a practising chartered structural engineer, I will design the foundation for free if it is sited on sound ground.

J Bunting, Greenhill

The carrier bag tree by Bradley, aged 12

Have you ever seen a carrier bag tree?

There’s one at the end of our road

You can hear it rustling in the breeze

Or is it a great big toad?

A carrier bag tree is not that old

In fact it’s become quite drastic

The leaves are gone and the tree grows old

Its flowers are made of plastic

Yes plastic used to carry our goods

And then it’s thrown away

It blows into the nearby woods

Where wildlife is at play

It lands in the trees and stays there

Scaring the birds away

They have no room to build a nest

Or let their young ones play

God didn’t make the carrier bag tree

And the birds they do not twitter

Just because of you and me

Dropping all our litter

Bradley Taylor Pownall aged 12