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You can see how hysteria can spread reading Susan Richardson’s letter (Wednesday, January 22).

This lady is obviously living in the wrong era, as she revels in anything Victorian.

Today it’s trees that may or may not have been planted over 120 years ago.

These are the same trees that are lifting pavements, hedges and roads as well as those diseased and rotting.

Those trees planted today will be the avenues and greenery of the future.

Let’s be clear, not all Victorian buildings and trees or whatever are beautiful.

One question, is Susan Richardson a freelance letter writer for The Star?

She seems to have letters posted most weeks?

Paul E Colk

Footnote: The Star doesn’t pay for letters. This page is a forum for opinions. If you feel strongly about a subject, write in and it will be considered for publication in the same way as letters expressing an opposing view.