We deserve much better

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The well presented article on page 10 of The Star (March 4), highlighted, yet again, the fiasco that is Sheffield Planning Department.

Two developments of serious consequences to existing businesses have been approved despite the usual flurry of objections.

The objections, as usual in this city, have been ignored.

The closure of the last filling station on the A57 Glossop Road is problem enough for motorists, let alone the effect a mini store will have on some 20 or so long- established shops in Crosspool.

The area already has its own cross to bear in that parking to shop is mostly a farce.

The council officers and their supported advisory councillors have in both cases got it wrong again! Perhaps we should be far more careful just who we elect to our council – I feel we need a new party of Sheffielders whose only care is the running of the fourth largest city in England.

To emphasise the supposed planning arguments, Broomhill – not a large shopping area – now has five supermarkets.

God help the small independents! Wake up Sheffielders.

We, the residents of our city, deserve better.


Lodge Moor