We could still lose World Snooker Championships

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Whilst I appreciate that the venue has been secured for the imenent future there are still rumblings in the snooker fraternity wishing to move the venue elsewhere.

The Crucible still has the backing of the older players, but sooner or later it will be put up for review and one of the main arguments will be the capacity for a world event of around 1000 people.

I cannot help feeling the city is missing a trick here to secure the championship for years to come.

Firstly, apart from the people with tickets to the venue and the few who stand behind the pundits being interviewed in the Winter Garden no-one in the city centre would realise anything unusual was taking place.

For the fortnight of the championship the city centre should be turned into a snooker festival. Stalls selling snooker equipment, food stalls where the products look like items of snooker equipment etc,etc.

One of the unused centre shops could be turned into a museum of snooker, another a history of the championships in Sheffield with photographs and films of the championship and previous winners with memorabilia.

These centres could be financed with a small fee to enter.

Finally, the venue itself should have two extra floors added to increase seating capacity to 4,000 minimum.

If the seating went up at the current angle the view from the gods would be amazing.

Not doubt none of this will be possible because of government cut backs but you have to speculate to accumulate and a lot of income would be generated and the Crucible Theatre would be improved.

As a further incentive I could see Leeds with its expansion into the entertainment sector bidding to take this event from Sheffield.


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