We cannot be bothered

Once again we have a pathetic turn-out at the polls and after the results each and every party is putting a spin on it and claiming a victory of sorts.

Wednesday, 11th May 2016, 6:24 am
Updated Wednesday, 11th May 2016, 7:26 am
The Jeremy Kyle Show


What we have witnessed was not a victory of democracy, as democracy has been reduced to a meaningless charade through years of dumbing down and the constant drip-feeding of the line that “I do not matter, I cannot make a difference.”

Everyone can make a difference and everyone counts but to count you have to be willing to stand up for your principles and show an interest in the bigger picture and become involved in the real-life dramas that are unfolding around us each and every day rather than lay back with your feet up drinking cheap cider worrying about who will be the dad on Jeremy Kyle.

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South Yorkshire has been beset by scandals and mismanagement for generations, inefficient use of money, expensive subcontracts that would it seems place the contractor’s interests above those of Sheffielders across the city.

We have seen Rotherham mired in CSE scandals and only a fool would think Sheffield will be any different.

You would think with all this and more Sheffield would be ready for a change, a change at council level and a change at PCC level.

Even Allan Billings said in his piece in The Star that “he would not over promise” so that he would “not fail to deliver”, a promise to do little and the delivery of said promise means that little needs be done to succeed, meaning nothing has to change and the status quo remains.

We get what we deserve. We get abused by the very people meant to protect our interests, we get our greenbelt built on, we get our trees chopped down, we get our old people and women mugged in the streets, we have shootings and stabbing and we are told that Sheffield is safe.

We allow our sisters, daughters and nieces to be groomed and raped, we allow drug deals to be concluded in broad daylight, we allow our industries to stagnate, our city centre to reflect the madness within our council, a pathetic mish-mash of red-wearing donkeys without a clue of what needs to be done.

We mourn the loss of independent retailers and the passing of a time when Sheffield had a sense of community. We allow migrants to ghettoise once proud working class estates and we do nothing.

We still sit back and drink cheap cider and watch Jeremy Kyle because we cannot be bothered.