We can beat threat to NHS

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government NHS reforms, unwanted by almost everyone except the private companies being lined up to profit from them, have so far cost £1.49 billion, £160m more than the original estimate and rising by £1m a day.

At the same time the govenrment demands ‘efficiency cuts’ to meet the demands of international bankers for deficit reduction and to prepare the NHS for competition. In Sheffield community services and hospital wards are being closed. Next month three services will be chosen to be prepared for tendering to outside agencies. The more the private sector is involved, the bigger the risk to the NHS’s principles.

The situation is not hopeless. People fought back and won against plans to close two care homes for people with dementia. If we resist what’s going on, we can make a difference.

Join Sheffield Save Our NHS march from the Hallamshire on September 3 at 11am and join our vigil outside the Town Hall on September 6, at 5pm.

Andy Turner, Dinnington