‘We both love each other and that’s all there is to it’

Bloomer Diamond . Ken and Jean Bloomer who are celebrating their Diamond wedding.
Bloomer Diamond . Ken and Jean Bloomer who are celebrating their Diamond wedding.
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A SHEFFIELD couple who have lived all their lives in the city are celebrating a lifetime together with their 60th wedding anniversary.

John Kenneth Bloomer, known as Kenneth, aged 83, and his wife Jean have been together ever since their first meeting, which Jean, now 80, remembers well.

“I was about 18, and he was 21,” she said.

“We met at the pictures, at the old Capitol cinema at Sheffield Lane Top.

“They’ve turned it into a carpet shop now.”

Their love has comfortably outlasted the old cinema, and longevity is a theme in both their lives.

Jean spent all her working life cooking in the school kitchens at Ecclesfield Comprehensive and later at the Junior School, while Kenneth’s career was in the gas industry.

Now retired, the pair have another constant in their lives - their house on St Michael’s Crescent in Ecclesfield.

“It was our first house when we moved here in 1956, and we’ve never moved,” said Jean.

“Fifty-five years is a lifetime, but it’s our home.”

Jean and Kenneth have also been blessed with a large family - Stephen, 59, is the oldest of five children, with Karen and Jayne following brothers John and David.

The pair are also grandparents to 14 grandchildren and great-grandparents to a further seven, with most of the family living in Sheffield.

The couple will celebrate their diamond anniversary on Thursday and plan on spending the day itself as they’ve spent the last 60 years - together.

They will celebrate their special day with friends and family at the Niagara club in Wadsley Bridge on Sunday, August 21, .

Jean said the secret of a happy marriage was simple, and added: “I’ve never wanted anyone else. We both love each other, and that’s all there is to it.”