WE ARE SHEFFIELD: "When you feel good in what you're wearing you're ready to take on the day"

Francesca Allen is from Ecclesall and after having her son two and a half years ago, she decided to put her skills as a personal stylist to good use.

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 4:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 4:16 pm
Francesca Allen is a personal stylist, and uses her skills to give women confidence in the way they dress

She runs a Styling and Consultancy business, and holds workshops for women in the city, to empower them through the way they dress.

And she says becoming a Mum herself has meant she's faced challenges that many women go through each day - adapting style to suit your life, struggling with the changes to your body and the effect it can have on confidence.

Pictured is Franceseca Allen,a Personal Stylist in her office at Blenheim Reach, Ecclesall Road,Sheffield

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She said: "Having a baby really opens your mind to it, when you're a young women you don't think about how your body changes, but then your entire shape changes. Dressing a pregnant body is a bit of a challenge and dressing after the baby is too.

"Clothing has to be practical. Having a child gives you a different point of view on how to dress. Will I need to run after my child? Can I wear heels or flats? It's been an eye opener for me and has helped me to understand a wider range of women and gain a bit more life experience at the same time.

"You feel a lot differently about yourself when you have a baby, it humbles you in a lot of ways because suddenly you're responsible for another person.

"It's a big thing for women having a baby, you lose part of yourself in a way but then you gain another part of yourself too. It can be quite difficult for some women.

Pictured is Franceseca Allen,a Personal Stylist in her office at Blenheim Reach,Ecclesall Road,Sheffield

"I found it difficult at first, from being young and independent, I was loving being a mum but trying to deal with the adjustment was hard especially feeling good about how I looked."

Francesca, who is 27, started her professional career around three years ago after completing an online course with the London College of Style.

And it was her new responsibilities as a Mum that led her to pursue it full-time.

However, fashion has always played a big part in her life, having been a go-to for her friends if they needed a hand in styling and she says that what you wear can have more of an effect on people than they know.

"It's a big thing and it's something people underestimate, when you feel good in what you're wearing you feel confident and you're ready to take on the day.

"Ladies that contact me are those who want help, Women who have lost a lot of weight or had a baby or a new job or relationship change - some life change that has given them the idea to get in touch.

"The women are lacking in confidence, and my main objective is to help them feel more confident in themselves and their style."

"At first people are wary and a bit sensitive, it's very personal to each individual. For me a big thing is looking at individual style, it's very much about the person.

"It's interesting to have an informal chat. I think people can be nervous, coming out your comfort zone can be nerve wracking. As the session goes on I feel them become more relaxed.

"Always at the end, each women can come up individually, they feel quite open to ask questions.

"They're women I haven't met before, if they choose to come back then can there's no pressure. A lot of women have wardrobe consultations afterwards in their own homes, it spurs people on to do more about how they dress, they want to feel better about themselves

She added: "The women, they're already on a journey which is a great. I just try help them along with that and it's nice to sit in and follow along with them."