We are right to be proud of Sheffield’s past

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disgruntled neighbour, Cariline Scott (Apr 16), needs to know that Sheffield people are not clinging to the past but celebrating a shared heritage.

Our ancestors did not just make steel, they pioneered many new manufacturing techniques, including stainless steel and specialist alloys.

Some were even bombed for their efforts. Maybe we do focus too much on this aspect of our past, as there is a lot more. We were also the birthplace of football (with the oldest club in the world) and, moving further back, saw the signing of the 829 treaty at Dore which helped unite England under King Ecgbert.

In the present, Sheffield continues to be in the top 10 cities for business, has two leading universities, is the greenest city in Europe, has a thriving cultural scene, a thriving sports scene (not always successful, but always supported) and so on.

I once read that our city has a constant urge to tear itself down and rebuild - not always with great results, but reflecting how we look forward.

Ultimately what makes a Sheffielder a Sheffielder is a sense of identity and roots. Visit any other significant English city (Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle etc) and you encounter the same spirit.

M Grant, S6