We are insular here in Britain

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Do foreigners think that we are insular?

Do foreigners think that we are insular?

I can get by with French, but do I learn Spanish, German, Polish, Hungarian, Norwegian and every other foreign language?

It’s all Greek to me.

Do the French and other countries learn Japanese or Chinese, for instance?

English seems to be spoken in a lot of countries, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many African countries.

I believe English is used in the curriculum in Dutch universities.

But if I went to live in a foreign country (which I never would) I would expect to learn their language and abide by their rules and customs.


Not bothered

BRITAIN has done it again and put up taxes. The Government isn’t bothered about our own economic slide, which is caused by them. Welcome to Britain: free home, benefits, health care, pensions. Don’t worry. Our tax payers will foot the bill. They have no say over what we do with their money.

Bryan, Sheffield

Floods remedy

we are still seeing folk’s homes flooded through no fault of their own. If councils cleaned the road side drains and dragged the rivers so water can run away, perhaps this problem would go away. If flood victims got hold of a no-win no-fee solicitor then the council would do something.

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