We are all just trying to get somewhere after all

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Can we please get over the idea that cyclists don’t pay for roads. I’m a cyclist, and like most adult cyclists, I also drive, so pay car tax. I also pay council tax and income tax, which is what actually pays for roads.

Sure, fuel and car tax all go in the same pot, but then cars cause the vast majority of wear and tear to the roads, and spending on roads is massively biased towards cars.

I say car tax, by the way, because road tax was abolished by that well-known woolly liberal Winston Churchill, due to a concern that it would lead to an unintended sense of entitlement amongst those paying it. It’s now a tax on emissions.

Cyclists also cost the NHS less than average due to improved health in the long term, and more people on bikes would reduce congestion, making journeys that have to be done by car quicker.

As for cyclists being a menace – about 2000 people a year are killed on the roads in the UK, is that by cars or bikes?

I would welcome more effective traffic policing of all road users, but it really isn’t cyclists causing the most harm. It’s not cyclists causing the congestion, either – are more cars at rush hour really what Sheffield needs?

We need to get past the idea of conflict between two totally separate groups – lots of cyclists are drivers, lots of drivers are cyclists, we’re all just trying to get somewhere.