We all have the right to moan

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The letter from Lorraine Hewitt, which also referred to a comment by “Twisted Nerve”, really hit a nerve with me.

Since when have those two become the editors of what appears in the Star?

Lorraine moans about reading letters from Jayne Grayson.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always agree with what Jayne has to say and indeed, I did write a letter of counter argument to one letter she wrote a while back, but I have never questioned her right to make those comments.

If Lorraine and “Twisted Nerve” don’t like reading letters from Jayne, (or me for that matter as I’ve had a few published), then why read the letters page of the Star in the first place?

Simply skip it and move on.

I hate this form of “censure”.

Lorraine is voicing her opinion. I get that. But with all the ills of this world to moan about, surely she can think of something more useful to say?

As for the ill judged comment about creating a “Codgers Corner” Lorraine, it does you no credit.

I trust this wasn’t some ageist, anti-older generational bias.

I don’t know how old you or “Twisted Nerve” are but I respect your comments no matter what generation you’re from.

Have a bit of charity and write in about something more important next time.

I will be pleased to read it.


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