Waverley development site continues to fill up as a new housing scheme wins approval

Another piece in the “jigsaw” of the Waverley development in Rotherham has been put into place with councillors approving plans for another 177 homes on the site, which is subject to both housing and commercial expansion.

Approved: Councillors have passed another Waverley development
Approved: Councillors have passed another Waverley development

Plans for one estate of homes was approved earlier this year and another, which will provide 177 new homes, has now also been approved, with a combination of apartments, semi-detached and detached homes to be constructed at the site, off Highfield Lane.

Councillors were told by a planning officer that developing the site is effectively a “jigsaw”, with a need to ensure all the pieces fit into place properly.

Because there are commercial premises in the area, noise disturbance could be an issue but an earth bund and 3.5m high acoustic fence had been ordered as part of the previous planning application, with noise tests proving those measures to be effective in keep disturbance to acceptable levels.

The measures were expected to have the same effect on the current scheme.