Waterloo hero in Sheffield

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MS writes regarding the gravestone of George Raynor in Hillsborough Barracks.

I always assumed that Raynor was a serving soldier stationed in the Kelvin Horse Barracks at the date of his death, (1834), but this appears not to be the case as the 1st, (King’s), Dragoon Guards are not recorded as being stationed there until 1839 and the word ‘late’ may indicate that he was in ‘civvy street’ at his demise.

However, when he enlisted at the age of 23 in 1803 there is the possibility they were, as records show that they were in Sheffield in 1812.

I like to think of this Waterloo veteran enjoying a dram or pint of porter and a pipe of baccy in one of the many garrison pubs in the area and watching a game of bowls or cricket in the vicinity of Kelvin Barracks.

His mortal remains were in St Philips Churchyard and his dust now in Hutcliffe Wood.

RIP George, (thanks to Stephen Johnson for background information).

Ron Clayton