Water rescue pair gave man the ‘best chance of survival’

PCs Joseph Kinsell and Jenna White rescued man from  Crookes lake
PCs Joseph Kinsell and Jenna White rescued man from Crookes lake
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TWO police officers are to be honoured for their bravery for battling to save a man after he fell into a pond in a city park.

PCs Joseph Kinsella, aged 27, and Jenna White, 25, were called to Crookes Valley Park, Crookesmoor, after 53-year-old Lewis Rose fell into the water after a drinking session.

Mr Rose, of Cemetery Road, Sharrow, ran up to the water’s edge six times before flinging out his arms and launching himself off the bank at Crookes Valley Park.

His friend Stephen Gill jumped into the water after him to try to save the dad-of-eight, by getting his head above the water and giving him the kiss of life. But it was PCs Kinsella and White who dragged him out of the water and administered first aid until paramedics arrived at the scene.

PC Kinsella waded into the chest-high water and got Mr Rose to the water’s edge where, together with PC White and Mr Gill, they dragged him onto dry land and began CPR.

Sadly, despite their best efforts Mr Rose died later in hospital.

The officers are now to be presented with awards the Royal Humane Society in recognition of their attempts to save him.

Dick Wilkinson, secretary of the organisation, said: “Reservoirs can be treacherous places but they didn’t hesitate to go in in their fight to save the man.

“They richly deserve the awards they are to receive.

“When they got there the man appeared to be unconscious in the water. PC Kinsella waded into the water chest high, to a distance of about 15ft from the shore.

“He dragged the man to the bank and PC White, with the help of a passer-by, helped pull him from the water.

“As the man was showing no signs of life the two officers then carried out CPR until the ambulance arrived.

“He was showing signs of life as he was put into the ambulance but died later in hospital. There is no doubt that the two officers gave him the best possible chance of survival. Sadly, he did not survive.”

n South Yorkshire Police nominated the two officers for the Royal Humane Society awards, which will be presented at a ceremony on a date to be set.