Water relief

Firefighters tow a woman and her dog to safety as flood waters rise in Toll Bar near Doncaster.
Firefighters tow a woman and her dog to safety as flood waters rise in Toll Bar near Doncaster.
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A MULTI-million flood defence scheme nearing completion is giving residents of a Doncaster village peace of mind more than five years after their homes were devastated.

The £3 million flood alleviation scheme, to reduce the risk of flooding to 1,300 properties at Toll Bar, is entering its final phase.

Meanwhile the road link between Arksey and Barnby Dun was finally restored yesterday afternoon after being closed for a fortnight because of flooding.

Fordstead Lane was closed to traffic since before Christmas due to flooding form Thorpe Marsh, but police confirmed at 1pm the road had been cleaned of mud and debris and is now open to traffic.

Many villagers spent more than a year living in temporary accommodation after Toll Bar was swamped in June 2007. Torrential rainfall completely submerged the A19.

The bank along Ea Beck, near Bentley, has now been repaired thanks to a partnership between the Environment Agency and Doncaster Council. Residents say they are feeling more reassured.

The bank was in a poor condition and needed rebuilding to allow easier access for maintenance and inspection.

Toll Bar postmaster John Jackson, who showed Prince Charles round in the summer of 2007, also paid tribute to the efforts of Doncaster Council in reducing the flood risk.

He said: “There was apprehension when it rained heavily last year but what seems to have put people’s minds at ease is that the drains seemed able to take it.

“The council seems to be clearing the drains more frequently but we know they’ve spent a lot on the Ea Beck banks. We have got to be grateful for that but we know a lot more needs to be done in areas further away from us.”

Manor Estate resident Melissa Taylor, who was away from her home for a year after the flood in 2007, said: “If it’s going to happen it’s going to happen but I’ve noticed the work and it’s good they’ve spent the money on Toll Bar.”

The banks from Taylors Bridge to the Ea Beck Triangle, and those from Duckholt to the A19, were finished in previous years, but the banks from the A19 to Tilts Bridge have just been completed.

The banks from Duckholt to Tilts were built higher to take into account potential mining subsidence, but the subsidence never occurred. The bank has now been re-profiled to make it safer to access the banks for maintenance and inspections.

The Environment Agency says the re-profiled banks will provide an improved standard of flood protection to nearby communities.

The last phase, starting in spring, will see the repair of a bank downstream of Tilts Bridge. The work is expected to last three months.