Water not bombs

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HERE we go again , water companies telling us we are short of water.

I don’t know what country they are talking about but it wasn’t where I and the majority have been since that terrible winter we suffered and the wet, cold, rubbish spring and summer we’ve endured.

It’s more reservoirs we need to hold the rain, not idiotic excuses for water shortage.

How many reservoirs could have been built with the cost of the Libya bombing fiasco? Water is a priority, not bombs.

Samantha Hall, Gleadless

Golliwog hullabaloo

regarding the hulabaloo about the word gollywog: if it is seen to be racist and offensive, does that mean all the books by Enid Blyton that have the stories about Noddy and the Golliwogs should be destroyed? I hope not as they gave me and many other children years of innocent pleasure.

What twisted, stupid, anti-everything people we now have in our once great nation.

Janey Anne Keeling, Chapeltown

Poor road repairs

the biggest cause of the poor state of the roads is the shoddy resurfacing done by the utilities, when they finish their work.

The tarmac is either loose, so that it soon breaks up, or laid leaving dips or bumps: sometimes all of these.

I have just travelled along the ring road and near the Tesco Express is a shocking piece of road repair, following some utility work a few weeks ago.

Why doesn’t the council send out inspectors to check the resurfacing work?

A massive amount of money is going to be spent to repair our roads, but if there are no changes, the utilities will soon make a mess of them again.

ME, Sheffield