Water firm issues new safety warning

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YORKSHIRE Water has put out a warning to people not to put their lives at risk at its reservoirs.

The firm today said children are dicing with death by ignoring danger signs and entering reservoirs, including Redmires, Damflask and Agden.

Yorkshire Water spokesman Geoff Lomas said: “We’re extremely concerned by the photos and reports we’ve received of late which very clearly show that people - particularly children - are still putting their lives at risk by playing right next to or actually entering reservoir waters.

“They may seem like a good place to take a swim or cool down but in fact this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“When fatalities occur - and they do across the UK each year - it’s often the temperature which is the most significant factor. Reservoirs are deep and the water doesn’t flow like in rivers or the sea so the temperature rarely rises much above 12C.

“Strong currents also lurk beneath the surface of often calm looking waters as we draw water in.”