Water carry on - no-one wins

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Say yes to one and they ALL want it...

Frankly, I can see where the Parson Cross school is coming from. It’s banned a four-year-old from bringing in flavoured water – not to be draconian, but to do its best for its pupils.

It wants its kids to drink only water during lessons because it’s good for them.

Kathryn North has been banned from sending her lad to lessons with bottled water infused with a tiny shot of fruit flavouring. It’s hardly full-fat Pepsi, and she’s fuming at being dictated to.

Maybe what she should focus on is the exorbitantly hiked cost she’s being forced to pay for 99.4 per cent water by manufacturers who don’t just prey on the fact that parents will pander to their kids, they encourage it. And turn on the tap.

Anyway, how can you not like water? It tastes of absolutely nothing.