WATCH: Video of Doncaster driver's traffic jam busting trick goes viral

A video showing how to beat traffic jams in Doncaster has become a viral internet sensation.

Tuesday, 1st November 2016, 2:56 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:50 pm
The right hand lane is totally empty while the left hand side of Wheatley Hall Road near Clay Lane is snarled up with traffic. (Photo: YouTube).

The clip, which shows a driver using a simple trick to avoid becoming stuck in queueing traffic, has been viewed thousands of times after being posted on Facebook and video sharing website YouTube.

The 60 second clip, entitled This Is How Not To Get Stuck In Traffic shows a male motorist zooming past a queue of stationary traffic on Wheatley Hall Road near Sandall Park, whizzing around the roundabout near the McDonald's restaurant at Shaw Lane and then rejoining drivers on Thorne Road "saving about 3-4 minutes."

The driver gives a running commentary as he explains the tip as a way of avoiding being "stood there like sausages."

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The clip begins with the driver exiting the roundabout near the Stoneacre motor dealership on Wheatley Hall Road and then moving into the road's outside lane as he passes the Clay Lane Estate to avoid becoming stuck in the left hand lane where drivers are waiting to turn onto Thorne Road.

"I have never understood why people do this," he explains. "We're in the left hand lane of a dual carriageway and as you can see, I'm turning into the right hand lane now because on the left you've got all these people who want to go left.

"So I do not understand why they don't just do this."

The driver then pulls out into the right hand lane, makes a full circuit of the roundabout and rejoins the traffic moving along Thorne Road towards Edenthorpe and the West Moor Link Road.

"Thank you very much pal," he tells the dashcam, as he completes the trick adding: "Why are they all stood there like sausages waiting five minutes to go left and I've just done that single manoeuvre and saved myself about three to four minutes. I don't understand people like that me."

It is not clear when the film was shot but the footage appears to be have been shot on an overcast day with the driver using windscreen wipers as he completes the trick.

Some motorists have questioned whether the manoeuvre is legal with some Facebook users citing it as dangerous driving.

The Highway Code does not mention the manoeuvre in its pages.