WATCH: Twerking female flash mob stun Sheffield drivers with bump and grind dance routine at busy road junction

This is the fun moment a flash mob of female dancers stunned Sheffield drivers with a cheeky dance routine at a busy city junction.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 12th June 2017, 1:32 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th June 2017, 11:41 am
The dance gets underway at Manor Top.
The dance gets underway at Manor Top.

More than a dozen female dancers showed off their twerking skills in the street as drivers, tram passengers and members of the public watched in amazement at the open air spectacle at Manor Top.

The group of lycra clad ladies were filmed shaking their booty at the junction of Prince of Wales Road and City Road - and stunned motorists can be seen watching the scenes in disbelief while passers by cheer the group on from the pavement.

The dance gets underway at Manor Top.

But the event was all in a good cause, aimed at promoting the dance - known as Reggaecize - but also to raise funds and awareness for St Luke's Hospice and Manor and Castle Development Trust.

Isheena Whiteley, who helped organise the event and led the dancing said: "The reaction of the motorists was great - they cheered us on.

"The grins went from ear to ear and a bus driver danced as he went past while some cars kept on circulating to keep watching.

"It got really interesting when I went into the road unexpectedly. They gasped "OMG, she's in the road."

The dance gets underway at Manor Top.

"They seemed to be half worried about my safety and half excited about my craziness!"

"An old man had a little dance as he went by too while smiling away. It was so much fun. I think well over 50 people joined in."

Isheena started the Reggaecize class last year and the routines combine exercise and Jamaican style dancing to Jamaican Dancehall music.

She said: "We live in a judgemental world so to see loads of people just not care and enjoy the moment and have fun was really great. It was even more great to see some of the ladies that had zero confidence and at some point couldn't even leave the house be able to come to Manor Top and do what we did in public. It's amazing."

The group also released pink balloons in memory of recent victims of the UK terror attacks.

However, the dance routine wasn't to all tastes - until Isheena convinced one passer by otherwise.

She added: "There was one grumpy old man who was ready to have a good old moan at me being in the road blocking his way, But when I gave him a little twerk and grinned at him and he heard and saw the positive vibes of everyone there, and saw it was more than just a crazy woman trying to get herself killed in the road, his grumpy frown turned into a huge smile. It was really nice. "

"We give out positive energy and receive even more positive energy back. We loved it. We were buzzing off the positive energy for about three days after."