WATCH: Is this the chilling moment the ghost of a medieval monk was captured on camera on one of Sheffield's busiest roads?

This is the moment a paranormal investigator claims he came face to face with a ghost on one of Sheffield's busiest roads.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 5th September 2017, 12:07 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:46 pm
Ghost hunter Phil Sinclair comes face to face with a mysterious figure on the Stocksbridge Bypass. (Photo: YouTube).
Ghost hunter Phil Sinclair comes face to face with a mysterious figure on the Stocksbridge Bypass. (Photo: YouTube).

The spooky sighting was filmed on the city's Stocksbridge Bypass - which has long been claimed to be Britain's most haunted road with reported sightings of the spirits of children and a mysterious monk by paranormal enthusiasts


The clip shows ghost hunter Phil Sinclair, screaming in fear as he encounters a shadowy figure in woods near the road. Voices, described as "a terrifying growl" can also be heard on a device used to record the encounter telling him to "get out" and asking for his soul.

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The Stocksbridge Bypass has been dubbed Britain's most haunted road.

Recoiling in horror as he claims to see the figure of a man, he tells the camera filming the scene: "I saw a f***ing man there. Who was that? There was a man, there was something there.

"Is there something evil here?"

The 15 minute film, which has been shared on YouTube, begins with Phil telling viewers: "This road is known as the most haunted road in Britain.

"When this road was under construction, two security guards witnessed a group of children playing ring o' ring o' roses. Also there have been reports of a monk walking the area. I am hoping to make contact with these entities."

The Stocksbridge Bypass has been dubbed Britain's most haunted road.

The footage then shows Phil wandering around in the darkness near the bypass and shouting: "I would like to talk to any spirits that reside in this area. I mean you no harm. Please manifest yourself."

Using a device to pick up the voices of spirits, Phil tells the viewers: "I just heard a child then. There is a child running around here and playing games with me. Make yourself known."

The device then emits the words "erase" and "you need" and Phil replies: "What do you need?"

Eerily, the machine replies: "Your soul."

He adds: "I feel there's an evil presence," before screaming in terror, claiming to have seen a figure of a man in the undergrowth.

Visibly shaken, he shouts: "There was a man, there was something there. You can't do that to me."

Hearing more voices, he says: "What is that growl? There's something not very nice around here asking me for my soul."

He calls out: "Something is mocking me around here. Do you want us to leave?"

At that point, he claims the recording device emits the words "hate" and "get out" and the ghost hunting group decide to quit their expedition.

Back home, he tells the camera: "I'm a little bit shook up to be honest. Definitely saw a man but can't explain it."

It is not clear when the video was filmed, but it was shared on YouTube on Saturday and has already been watched nearly 2,000 times.

In the video's description, he writes:"A figure appears to walk behind me at 5.55. To get a better view watch from 5.53

"Moments letter I actually see the figure for myself! I literally struggle to find the words to describe what I witnessed during this investigation. I will be left with an image I will never forget.

"I feel I was making contact with multiple spirits either children or that of a male. I can't help to think I was dealing with an evil presence which ultimately told me to "get out."

It is not the first time the road has been a target for ghost hunters.

TV ghost expert Richard Jones of Most Haunted investigated the Stocksbridge Bypass - and what he found terrified him so much he labelled the road one of the scariest places in the UK.

During his investigations of the A616 thoroughfare, he said it’s history was so ghastly it could only be the work of the paranormal.

Back in 1987 it was reported how, before the road opened, two Ecclesfield police officers Dick Ellis and John Beet spied a robed torso near to Pearoyd Bridge.

"I got a brief sighting of it next to the car and then something banged on the vehicle, " PC Ellis told reporters at the time.

"It was unnerving. There was definitely something supernatural."

Since then several accidents have been blamed on apparitions - by ghost writers, if not necessarily by police. One explanation for the so-called haunting is that a medieval monk haunts the area.