WATCH: I will leave Sheffield Wednesday when someone kicks my ass - Carlos Carvalhal

Sheffield Wednesday head coach Carlos Carvalhal has admitted that he will only leave the club when fans become tired of him.

Thursday, 12th January 2017, 10:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th January 2017, 11:01 pm
Sheffield Wednesday boss Carlos Carvalhal

Speaking on The Star and Sheffield Telegraph columnist Alan Biggs' Sheffield Live! programme, Carvalhal said he 'loves the club and the city' and that he will leave when someone 'kicks his ass.'

In a wide ranging interview, Carvalhal also spoke warmly of his relationship with Owls owner Dejphon Chansiri, describing him as the 'best chairman I have worked with'.

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"I gave an interview a couple of weeks ago in Portugal and the title said 'I will go out when someone kicks my ass'," he told Alan Biggs. "One day I will leave England when someone kicks my ass. When, one day, I leave Sheffield Wednesday the people must kick my ass. When I say 'kick my ass' it doesn't mean that must be the chairman or something."

He added: "I don't learn the environment, I don't learn if the people are happy with me or not. Here or at another club, five per cent of the people is not happy, it is not representative because 95 per cent is happy - I have this feeling with Sheffield Wednesday. But of course five per cent, even if you are in first there are people who are completely unhappy, it is normal, around the world. But one day, if the people are tired of me and think I am not the person to be in the club, I will be the first one to say I'm starting to leave.

"To myself, the way that I am living here, I love the club, I love the city, I like my players, I like the environment. I like the press I must say also, I like the press around me, they are all very good professionals. I don't do plans for the future but I am happy here. I don't need money, it is not the first thing in my life."

Carvalhal said that Chansiri, who has spoken little on the record since taking ownership at Sheffield Wednesday almost two years ago, is a man of principle and always wants the best for everyone associated with the club.

"(Chansiri) is probably the best chairman that I have worked with so far in my career," said Carvalhal. "He is a person that tries to support you all the time, tries to support your ideas and he has a type of dedication that comes from the parents, from when he was a baby. That kind of education, that you have principles in your life and even if you have a lot of money or less money you have principles. that is not related with money. I know a lot of people that have money that don't have principles, and I know people who are poor and have big principles and makes them more rich than others.

"The chairman is a very rich person but he has principles in the life and business it makes a big difference. It makes it very easy to work with him. He is someone who wants the best all the time for my staff and my players. I can tell you that my players do the best and he always gives congratulations to the players because they try hard."