WATCH IN FULL: Carlos Carvalhal's final Sheffield Wednesday Press Conference

At the time it appeared as though he was staying put, defiantly batting away questions regarding his future.

Sunday, 24th December 2017, 4:55 pm
Updated Sunday, 24th December 2017, 5:10 pm

However, soon after taking his post-match press conference after defeat to Middlesbrough - their seventh match without a win - Carlos Carvalhal was gone.

The Portuguese offered no indication that this would be the last time he spoke to this set of journalists. Indeed, Carvalhal defended himself, stating that the circumstances surrounding the Sheffield Wednesday's lengthy injury list were the reasons behind the poor run of form, rather than anything he has been doing wrong.

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He spoke about how he could turn the season around, and that returning players could provide the spark they needed.

"Last week I said to you that I still believe we would achieve the play-offs but we need to recover players," he said. "We need to be more strong, we need to be a threat to opponents, to create damage and out the team in different levels of intensity. We have these problesm against strong teams, you feel it harder."

When asked if he would consider resigning after loud chants of 'we wants Carlos out' came from the Kop near the end of Saturday's match, he said: "This is five or six times you've asked me. I wake up every morning with the same motivation to work. I work hard, we try to put the things in a good way.

"My conscience is clear about my work, my energy, my time I spend trying to improve the team. I do my best since the beginning for Sheffield Wednesday and I will do this all the time. After this, the people that work hard and do their best, I can't answer more than this. If you analyse deeply and understand what is happening, these are not normal circumstances. if they say it's the fault of the coach, I am open to discuss this, but I think the circumstances is not easy for the coach. If you ask if it is my fault, a percentage of it is, but a lot of things have been out of my control."

He added: "When things are in a normal way we achieve play-offs but we have a big problem, we have nine players out. In this moment it is not easy. I can respond to the things I am doing, I am doing my best all the time."

Soon after, Carvalhal wished everyone a happy Christmas and with that he was gone. Two-and-a-half years of ups and downs as Sheffield Wednesday head coach, ended as they had always been. Dignified.