WATCH FOOTAGE: Groups clash in wake of soldier’s murder

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Protestors clashed in Sheffield city centre when English Defence League members joined a gathering of United Against Fascism supporters in the aftermath of the murder of a soldier in London.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “About 60 people were involved in the protest.

“Police resources were sent to the scene, and a small number of officers engaged with the protestors.

“After a short time, the groups dispersed.

“People should be reassured South Yorkshire Police’s plans are in place and officers will be visible on the ground over the holiday weekend.”

Christian and Muslim leaders in Sheffield, including the Right Reverend Dr Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield, have issued a joint statement following the murder of a serving British soldier in Woolwich on Wednesday.

They said: “We condemn in the strongest possible terms the dreadful murder.

“This appalling action has no basis whatever in Islam and is to be condemned unreservedly.”

Watch VIDEOS of the protest - filmed by Forge Press - HERE, HERE and HERE