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I GIVE up! We’re on the brink of bankruptcy, brought about by rapacious bankers who instead of getting their just desserts still reap vast rewards. What happened to the time-honoured system of sacking those who didn’t do their jobs?

The body set up to curb MPs’ blatant greed, lashes out huge sums fitting out its offices with top-of-the-range furnishings.

Belt-tightening, job losses, pay cuts and service cuts for the hoi polloi while evidence emerges daily of more public money extravagances.

The Census is to go ahead, despite the enormous cost. Why not postpone it until we can afford it? They tell us that, without it, they cannot plan for the future!

They didn’t make much use of the last two or we wouldn’t be in today’s mess. How can it possibly help to know what job I had 25 years ago? Besides, they already know everything about us!

As £60 million is cut in South Yorkshire Police’s overtime bill, the Chief Constable tells us: “Think twice before you call to report a crime.” This at the same time as Sheffield is swamped by a police from forces brought in from the surrounding countryside for a political conference. So much for reduction in overtime.

Criminals must have had a birthday. If political parties must have old-fashioned conferences in this high-tech communication age, let ’em pay for the policing and disruption.

Devolution seems to be the order of the day, except for us.

Despite constant lobbying and seeming universal disaffection, we continue to be denied a referendum on the EC. I suspect they are waiting until the indigenous population is outnumbered by the number of European migrants (who are naturally biased), at which point they can successfully play the ‘democracy when it suits’ card.

Now I can appreciate how the American Indians must have felt in their native land.

I could go on but, at my age, I have to keep an eye on the old blood pressure.

Dave Froggatt, Killamarsh