WATCH: Actor falls flat on face onstage at Sheffield Arena in funny viral clip

This is the embarassing moment when an actor fell flat on his face in front of his fans in Sheffield.

Thursday, 18th August 2016, 2:27 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th August 2016, 3:34 pm
Terry (left) goes down as he prepares to enter the stage. (Photo: YouTube/Dark Cleo Productions).
Terry (left) goes down as he prepares to enter the stage. (Photo: YouTube/Dark Cleo Productions).

Terry Tomkins was all set to make his big entrance on stage at Sheffield Arena as part of last weekend's Film and Comic Con event at the venue.

But as Terry stepped up to take to the stage, he stumbled - and footage of the embarrassing slip has now been uploaded onto YouTube and shared across Facebook and Twitter.

Dressed in a fantasy "Cosplay" character costume, Terry can be seen waiting in the wings as a presenter prepares to introduce him onstage.

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The clip, entitled "Here is how not to enter a cosplay stage" then shows Terry enthusiastically leap forwards to greet his fans - but ends up stumbling and face planting into the stage to laughs and hysterics from colleagues looking on.

A helmet - part of his costume - bounces out of his hands as two women watching the build-up double up in fits of giggles.

The 36 second video, uploaded to the video sharing website by user Rob MacAllister has the caption: "Here is a tutorial on how to fall over on stage."

As the action continues, to the soundtrack of Yakety Sax - better known as the Benny Hill theme music and comedy sound effects, further captions read: "Terry thinks it is all good - unfortunately he got it all wrong."

"He gets into the spirit and then...goodnight Terry!"

A description of the video reads: "This was one of our great guests at Film & Comic Con Sheffield "Terry Tomkins."

"He demonstrates how not to get on a stage in true Benny Hill fashion."