Waste plans to continue despite row

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MAYOR of Doncaster Peter Davies refused to back plans to proceed with a joint waste project - but the scheme will still go ahead.

Mr Davies was one of five members of his cabinet who abstained on a vote on appointing a preferred bidder for a project which will see Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley join forces in a scheme to dispose of their rubbish.

The identity of the preferred bidder, who is now being notified, has not yet been made public.

Approval was given to take the scheme forward on the strength of support from Couns Patrick Wilson and Andrea Milner.

Mr Davies told the meeting: “In February 2010, full council committed this council to this project. The Mayor and cabinet would not have made that commitment had the decision been theirs to make and have consistently stated their objections to this project.

“The Mayor and cabinet do not support long-term deals that tie us to a single solution when there is every prospect that new, more efficient and cost-effective technology will be available during the life of this project.

“We will also be limited in the responses we can make to any changes in legislation.

“We have however, reached a position where the financial penalties of withdrawal mean this is not an option. Against that background, the only course of action open to us today is to recognise the position and reluctantly accept the recommendations within this report.”

The two schemes on the table include an incinerator which would be built at Bolton Road, Manver, proposed by SITA Lease Lend.

This has met with opposition from residents,

The second option is a composter, which would produce renewable green fuel, to be used at a power station. This is proposed by a consortium called 3SE , made up of Shanks Group plc and Scottish Southern Electricity.

An announcement on the winning scheme is expected next month. DEFRA backing is still required to secure final commitment to award PFI credits to fund the project.