Warning to mechanics after court told of dumped tyres and car parts

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A MAGISTRATE has warned mechanics to be careful how they dispose of their waste after fly-tipped rubbish was traced back to a Doncaster motor engineer.

Martin James Gravill, of Church Lane, Bessacarr, let two men take waste away without checking they were properly registered, heard Doncaster magistrates.

Most of the rubbish was later dumped at Wilsic Road at Tickhill.

Later the same day, waste which also included tyres, car parts, domestic waste and cardboard boxes was discovered by Doncaster Council Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers during a routine patrol.

A council investigation traced the waste back to 23-year-old mechanic Gravill.

Gravill was charged with failing in his household duty of care to dispose of waste properly.

He was ordered to attend Doncaster Magistrates’ Court but failed to turn up, and was arrested. After he was brought to court he pleaded guilty and was fined £250 and ordered to pay the £396.98 costs plus a £15 surcharge.

District Judge Bennett described fly-tipping as “an absolute eyesore” and a serious offence.

He said mechanics in particular must be aware of the need to ensure that mechanical waste is disposed of properly.

The court heard there was believed to be £200 worth of scrap metal in the pile.

Councillor Cynthia Ransome, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “Cowboy contractors charge to dispose of rubbish at a registered site, when they are really dumping it over the nearest hedge or side street.

“These people will take your money and then leave you with a clean-up bill and possibly, a criminal conviction and big fine.

“We will not tolerate environmental crime in Doncaster and continue to take strong action against those who pollute our borough.”

To check a company’s credentials call the Environment Agency on 08708 506 506 and request an instant Waste Carrier Validation. Visit www.environment-agency.gov.uk/publicregister to check if companies are registered online.