Warning over smoke alarms

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FIREFIGHTERS in South Yorkshire are urging residents to check their smoke alarms when the clocks go forward later this month.

House fires led to 50 casualties last year – and fire crews are today urging people to use the clocks going forward as a timely reminder to check their alarms are still working.

Kevin Ronan, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue head of community safety, said: “A working smoke alarm is a proven life-saver and absolutely essential to keep you and your family safe, but only half of all householders who own a smoke alarm say they test it is working on a regular basis.

“In South Yorkshire we’ve been to more than 100 house fires in the last three years where the alarm had either been removed or the battery was missing or flat, putting people’s safety at risk.

“Don’t take the chance on your family’s life. Promise to test your alarms this clock change weekend and let’s make it a household habit.”

Smoke alarms should be tested regularly, ideally once a week. Visit www.pressthebutton.co.uk for a weekly email or Twitter reminder.