Warning over dangerous fake vodka found on sale in Doncaster

Dangerous fake vodka has been found on sale in Doncaster, the town’s Trading Standards officers have warned.

By Claire Lewis
Friday, 8th March 2019, 6:19 am
Updated Friday, 8th March 2019, 6:23 am
Bottles of fake vodka have been found on sale in Doncaster
Bottles of fake vodka have been found on sale in Doncaster

Counterfeit one litre bottles of Chekov vodka, which is a genuine brand, have been found for sale in a number of licences premises in the town.

Analysis of the vokda found it to contain propan-2-ol - an industrial alcohol present in such quantities that just one double measure of would contain seven times the maximum acceptable daily intake of the industrial compound.

The product could cause respiratory failure.

Chekov is usually available in small convenience stores, off-licences, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Trading Standards officers said it is Booker’s home brand vodka, and when purchased from Booker Wholesale outlets it will be genuine and safe to consume.

But Chekov vodka purchased from a supplier other than Booker, will need to be checked.

There are a number of labelling differences between the genuine and fake bottles.

On the back labels, genuine products have a reference number in the bottom left hand corner. The fake vodka does not bear the reference number and does not have the correct UK duty stamp.

The correct stamp is A60000000520.

A genuine bottle has a lot code on the base ring of the capsule lid but the counterfeit version doesn’t.

Anyone who believes that they have consumed fake vodka, and feels unwell, should seek medical help.

Anyone unsure whether their bottles are genuine should remove them from sale and contact Trading Standards on 01302 862365