Warning issued over groups of youths congregating at railway station in Dronfield

Dronfield railway station
Dronfield railway station

A police warning has been issued about groups of youths congregating at Dronfield railway station.

British Transport Police said over recent months there has been an increase in the number of youths congregating at the station - some of whom have been reported for drinking alcohol, committing anti-social behaviour, smashing windows and setting off fireworks.

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CCTV cameras have been installed and extra police patrols are now carried out but parents are now being urged to speak to their children about the dangers of gathering at stations.

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PC Stephen Slocombe said: "It’s vital we have parents on board with this message. We don’t want to have to knock at their door and give them the news that their son or daughter won’t be coming home.

"When we have spoken to parents, in many instances they have had no idea that their children are hanging around at the station. This is why it’s so important for them to talk to their children to check where they are and what they are doing and discuss the dangers of straying too close to the railways and the consequences of hanging around there."