WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Fundraising drive launched for abused and tortured dog to get lifesaving treatment

A fundraising drive has been launched for treatment for collie, Eddie
A fundraising drive has been launched for treatment for collie, Eddie
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A fundraising drive has been launched for a dog who was rescued after a life of abuse and torture to be treated by TV's The Supervet.

Susanna Hawthorne, aged 70, from Rivelin, is trying to raise money for lifesaving treatment for her adopted border collie cross, Eddie, who was brought to the UK from Romania.

Eddie with the hole in his nose

Eddie with the hole in his nose

During his seven years on the streets in Eastern Europe, he had his tailed chopped off and was hung from a tree with a metal snare round his waist and left to die.

Eddie's ordeal continued when he was hit over the head with a metal bar with a spike in it, which missed his skull but made a large hold in his nose.

He was rescued by an animal charity in Norfolk and adopted by Susanna last year along with another street dog, called Rhona.

A tissue-eating bacteria has now got into Eddie's nose through the hole and he needs life-saving treatment.

Eddie with the metal snare around his waist

Eddie with the metal snare around his waist

Susanna, who is battling a rare form of cancer called liposarcoma while trying to raise the funds, said: "Our local vets say they cannot treat him so we were referred to The Supervet from Channel 4.

"Fitzpatrick’s can treat him, but our insurance company will not cover pre-existing conditions.

"We have already spend £2,000 on his diagnoses, CT scan, anesthesia, tissue cultures, laboratory tests and IV drips.

"Everyone at the veterinary practice fell in love with him and the vet says he is such a deserving case."

Susanna said the plan favoured by vets and costs £6,000 and includes an eight-week course of antibitoics. An alternative course of treatment involves surgery and facial reconstruction.

She has now launched a crowdfunding page which has already raised around £1,000 in its first few days.

Susanna, who also looks after a small flock of rescued geese, two rescue ponies and two rescue parrots with her husband, added: "It was the TV vet who suggested the crowdfunding as he thinks Eddie is such a deserving case.

"We manage to support ourselves and the other animals, but the Supervet bills are just too far a stretch for us for poor little Eddie’s nose.

"Eddie has survived seven years of hell: he has travelled across five countries to get to us and we are now his forever home.

"We will do whatever we possibly can to help him have a happy, safe and healthy second half to his life.

"But at the moment this looks as if it may not happen unless we can get on top of this bacteria which is eating away at his face and head.

"Despite his past Eddie is a loving, sweet, little dog who still trusts humans and wins the hearts of all who meet him.

"He follows me round the house and ask for nothing more than to be safe, sitting by the feet of someone he loves.

"My husband and I are pensioners who are just trying to do our bit to help, but I am fighting cancer at the same time so life is rather stressful and the moment.

"A happy ending might cheer everyone up."

To support the campaign visit www.leetchi.com/c/money-pot-eddie-22587947