Warning for problem parkers in Sheffield

Cars parked on a pavement
Cars parked on a pavement
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A campaign aiming to 
banish problem parking is getting under way across Sheffield today, targeting ‘potentially dangerous’ drivers who block pavements.

Sheffield Council will encourage motorists to be more considerate when finding a space, and bear in mind the needs of wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs.

NSST 5-9-14 Parking MC 4'Lee Bramall with parking notice from Sheffield City Council

NSST 5-9-14 Parking MC 4'Lee Bramall with parking notice from Sheffield City Council

Officials are set to issue warning notices to motorists who park on the pavement – not fines, but reminders to be more thoughtful.

The notices will read: “Parking on the pavement and blocking the footpath can be dangerous for pedestrians, particularly with pushchairs or in wheelchairs, who are forced into the road.

“Please consider others when parking your vehicle.”

Councillor Leigh Bramall, cabinet member for business, said: “Many people simply don’t realise how frustrating their thoughtless parking can be for others.

“Wheelchair users, for example, may be forced into the road if parked cars are blocking the pavement. This, clearly, could be very dangerous.

“We are aiming to encourage drivers to think before they park, making sure they consider pedestrians and wheelchair users rather than just what might be most convenient for them personally.”

Wardens and police can fine drivers whose parking blocks a footpath so people cannot get round.

Coun Bramall added: “We appreciate that in a city such as Sheffield it is sometimes impossible to avoid parking with two wheels on the pavement.

“There are many steep and narrow streets, and sometimes parking fully on the road could prevent other traffic getting through.

“But what we’re asking for is that bit of extra consideration for all users of the roads and pavements in our city.”