WARNING - DISTRESSING IMAGE: Doncaster mum's anger at lack of police visit after five-year-old daughter run over

Devoted mum Sandy Irwin claims her five-year-old daughter has lost faith in the police as she awaits a visit from officers three days after being run over.

Wednesday, 16th May 2018, 5:52 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th May 2018, 5:56 pm
The Crescent, Dunscroft. Picture: Google.

Sandy said her daughter Elliott Appleby faced being wheelchair-bound for up to two months and could possibly need a skin graft after having her foot run over on The Crescent, Dunscroft, at around 1pm on Saturday.

Despite her injuries and pledges from police that they would visit the family, no officers have yet been to see her or her family.

Elliott Appleby's injuries.

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Sandy said: "She was waiting to cross the road and saw a car coming so stopped. A car went past and then stopped and the car reversed and went over her foot.

"I've no idea why she stopped and reversed. She has got some quite bad skin and muscle damage and will have to use a wheelchair for up to two months. Hopefully, she is not going to need a skin graft."

Sandy said police first said they would come and see the family on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but called each day to say they weren't able to.

"It was an accident. The driver stopped and informed the police but she didn't stick around. It was a visitor to someone down the street," she added.

"As far as I'm aware, when there is an accident police are supposed to go and see the victim and investigate."

Little Elliott had to visit a plastic surgeon at Sheffield Children's Hospital on Sunday following the incident.

Sandy said: "Elliott is frustrated that she can't really walk as she has got to keep her foot elevated. She is five years old and she needs to know the police will come and help her if she needs them.

"After so man days it gets ridiculous and I know the police are overstretched but every day they said they'd come they didn't ring until 7.45pm - surely they could have run before then."

South Yorkshire Police has been contacted for a comment.