Warn kids of Grim Reaper

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Today’s headline comes with its own health warning, ‘Did I get cancer in the classroom?’

By the time today is over my friend Charlie will have been taken by the Grim Reaper.

My last vision was of Charlie with a cig in his hand and I will not see my friend ever again. I will miss him.

Mornings see kids stuck outside the shops on Deerlands with cigs in their hands wanting to meet the Grim Reaper at an early age. Charlie has throat cancer. Although he stopped smoking years ago, it started the process.

To those parents who know their kids smell of tobacco do not put it off, give them a good hiding and warn them of the Grim Reaper.

I worked in a pyrometer company and pray the materials we used were safe.

That was a job of work like the school teacher but we expect to be in a safe environment.

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