Warm November brings nature out in Sheffield

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The warmest day in Sheffield last month reached a balmy 14 degrees - bringing confused bees, butterflies and frogs out from hibernation.

Data from Museums Sheffield’s Weston Park weather station also showed it was the dullest November since 2002 with just 48.1 hours of sunshine compared to 31.9 hours 12 years ago.

Snow Pix Norfolk Park.  Brayben fallon

Snow Pix Norfolk Park. Brayben fallon

The average temperature recorded through the month was 8.2 degrees, above the average of 6.7 degrees.

However the maximum temperature was some way off the record set in 1927, when it reached 18.9 degrees.

And it has been consistently warm in November in Sheffield for the past four years.

Bizarrely, even during the wintry scenes of November 2010, one day was as warm as 17.3 degrees.

Alistair McLean, curator of natural sciences at the museum, said: “ The start of a month can be really warm and at the end really cold, so temperatures can fluctuate.

“That’s what makes the weather so difficult to predict more than one or two days ahead.

“What’s interesting this month is that when we have had some sun it has been really quite warm to the extent that this morning we have had reports of frogs croaking and people looking for frog spawn.

“We’ve had bees flying around and I even saw a butterfly, these are insects thatb are normally in hibernation at this time of year.”

The dullest November ever recorded in Sheffield was in 1946, when residents saw just 22.5 hours of sunshine - less than one day’s worth - in the whole month.

The Museums Sheffield weather station shares its data with Star readers every month.