Wanted Sheffield man tries to ram police with old Fiesta in Asda car park, fails, is arrested

Burglars hunted by South Yorkshire Police
Burglars hunted by South Yorkshire Police
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A wanted man apparently tried to escape custody by ramming a police car with his old Ford Fiesta.

The Sheffield driver, wanted for a serious assault, possession of drugs and driving while disqualified, decided he didn’t really want to be arrested.

He proceeded to ram the BMW 4x4 police car in order to try to make his escape in his little red Ford Fiesta.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “At lunchtime today Officers deployed to a suspicious vehicle sighted in Asda car park, Handsworth, Sheffield.

“Due to intelligence, Officers quickly boxed the vehicle in, when the driver a 38yr old local male, rammed a Police Car in an attempt to escape.

“When confronted by the big smile of Police Dog Harvey and the Officers present he quickly realised his time had come and accepted his fate.

“The male was wanted for a serious assault, disqualified from driving, had no Insurance, possession of drugs and in breach of Court imposed bail conditions !

“As we are customer focused will promptly provided him with an en-suite room at hotel Shepcote Lane, just in time for him to enjoy a microwave chilli, which was today’s lunchtime special!

“To the viewing public it may have appeared overkill, but had we dealt with this low key, it is clear the male would have made off at speed putting everyone at risk.....our primary concern is safety !!

Another dangerous driver off the road, making the roads safer for us all”

The incident happened at about 12.50pm today.