Want to fill your lockdown with something useful? This new website, created by three generations of a Sheffield family, might have just the answer

A family from Sheffield has launched a new website, filled with ideas to help people entertain themselves and keep busy during isolation.

Friday, 15th May 2020, 8:20 pm
The family has been hosting their meetings over Zoom

Three generations, including Grandpa Bops and Grannie Sue, their daughters, Sam and Emma, and five grandchildren, Gemma, Ben, Jamie, Joel and Finn, all collaborated on the project, which hopes to inspire people to make the most of enforced time indoors.

I-solutionstoisolation.com is jam-packed with suggestions, from starting a book club, or learning to knit or cook, to researching your family tree, or discovering your inner gardener.

“I thought it would be a good thing to do, and luckily all the family were on board,” said Jeremy Biggin, who is known to his grandchildren, all aged 16-21, as ‘Bops.’

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Jeremy Biggin has been working with his entire family to pull the new site together

“There are a lot of people around the country with time on their hands right now , and we thought it would be great to try and help people see it as an opportunity.”

Due to lockdown restrictions, the family launched their meetings on Zoom early in April, taking it in turns to chair the discussions while they brainstormed design and content.

“We’re not trying to be clever,” said Jeremy, aged 74.

“We created the whole thing using a template website, and all put ideas in, as well as contributions from friends and family.

“The truth is there’s a lot of stuff out there to do - from learning an instrument, or writing a novel, to the opportunity to delve into your family history. Some of it requires a small fee, but a lot of it is free, so we just want to highlight some ideas of what’s available.”

The site went live earlier this week, and the family has already had messages from people with additional ideas and information, which they’re busy implementing.

“It’s been really nice to do this as a family,” said Jeremy, who lives in Walkley.

“The grandchildren are all fantastic. All of their 2020s are looking really different now to what they’d originally planned, but they’ve been absolutely brilliant about it.

“Finn should have been taking his GCSEs now, the twins should have been taking their A-Levels, and Ben who was meant to be enjoying a gap year was due to start working and studying in September, but everything has been changed for them all.

“Our darling granddaughter Gemma had plans to head abroad, to teach English as a foreign language, but is now working as a care assistant in a local clinic, dressed head-to-toe in PPE every day.

“We’re really lucky to have them all so close by, we’re luckier than most in that respect.

“Our daughters have been wonderful helping out with anything we’ve needed, and my wife and I have a garden to stretch our legs in, and a greenhouse to potter in.

“But the website has been a really nice focus, and it’s kept us all focused on something positive.

“We hope people get something out of it.

Visit HERE for details.