Wandering dog Tyson to meet Sheffield search party

Tyson will meet volunteers who spent months searching for him
Tyson will meet volunteers who spent months searching for him
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Volunteers from Sheffield who helped search for a missing dog who turned up after four months on the loose are to meet him this weekend.

Tyson, a labrador cross, vanished shortly after he was dropped off at a foster carer's house in Charnock, Sheffield, on Wednesday, November 23.

He was sent to Sheffield from Crete by an animal charity which re-homes abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats from the island.

Cretan Animal Protection has volunteers in Sheffield who offer foster care until permanent homes can be found for their animals.

Facebook groups were set up by volunteers who investigated sightings of Tyson, mapped his movements and searched the city for him.

Food stations were set up in areas where there were numerous sightings but he evaded capture - until he turned up over 100 miles away in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, six weeks later.

Dog lovers there spotted him wandering the streets and also formed a search party to track him down after mapping sightings of him.

He was eventually captured in a basketball court.

Tyson will be taken to Coal Aston Village Hall at 1pm on Saturday, April 22 for those who want to meet him.