From walking alpacas to painting murals – these short animations have been made to encourage more young people to holiday at home

Alpaca walking – it’s an activity that’s growing in popularity, but VisitEngland hope this short video will inspire even more of us to give it a go.

By Rochelle.Barrand1
Thursday, 21st March 2019, 3:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st March 2019, 4:14 pm

The organisation have released a series of digital animations to inspire young Brits to take a short break at home here in England – with alpaca walking being just one of the possible activities highlighted.

Other activities include walking and sampling food stalls; things which can be done during what VisitEngland has termed a ‘microgap,’ a short domestic break of one to three nights.

The series of seven 10-second clips are being displayed on digital billboards across 100 locations including railway stations and shopping centres.

VisitEngland Director of Marketing Clare Mullin said: “From walking with alpacas to road-tripping and sampling the food stalls to unleashing your creative side painting murals, we want young Brits to discover the great experiences right here on their doorstep. “By igniting the passion to holiday at home and encouraging young Brits to try something new we can boost growth from tourism now, spread its economic benefits across more of the year and cement the holiday habits of the future.”

The animations have been created as part of VisitEngland’s #MyMicrogap campaign which launched last year to encourage more young Brits to holiday at home.