Wake up First buses and put your customers first

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Like many people our recently graduated son has to rely on public transport to get to job interviews. In High Green we are served by several bus companies but he mainly uses the 13 to Sheffield city centre.

So on December 16 he timed a bus to be picked up at 9.38am to enable him to get to town for a 11am interview.

9.38am came and went and he waited and waited and no bus arrived. He waited over an hour, by which time three 13s should have arrived as they normally operate at 20-minute intervals.

He quickly realised no bus was coming so he phoned the company he was going to for his interview to tell them of his predicament.

Our son complained to First Bus company who gave the following pathetic explanation: “The driver operating this trip was running late and in line with his driving hours was adjusted to start further along the route from Grenoside as he was due relief. Mileage was lost until 9.52am and then the service resumed as normal”.

So First bus company are saying that a driver can simply cut out or ignore a section of the route when running late.

The Labour council actively discourages the use of cars in Sheffield so what are they doing about it? An effective transport policy? You’re having a laugh. Wake up First Bus Company and put your customers first.

John Leigh

Potter Hill Lane, High Green, S35