Wake up and see what damage Labour have done

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Why do people vote Labour?

Why not wake up to see what damage they have done to our country.

Tony Blair has a lot to answer for arrogantly taking our country into war to suit his cronies.

Lots of our troops went to Afghanistan and Iraq and were killed.

He had no control over the people coming into our country, allowing them to claim benefits, use our Health Service and come in with diseases that they already had in their own country.

Thieves and murderers from Europe should not have been allowed in our country but Tony Blair and his cronies didn’t seem to care.

Gordon Brown sold off the country’s assets very cheaply, including our gold reserves and he was supposed to be the best Chancellor that Labour ever had.

He gave money to immigrants, also people who did not work and made it a nanny state.

They were spending money we did not have.

Then as usual with Labour, somebody else has to sort their mess out.

We are all better off in this country and George Osborne has done a good job and should be allowed to continue no matter what one’s political alliance is.

Lots of people vote Labour because their father did. How ridiculous, they should look at the broader picture.

This week we have received the council tax bill from Sheffield Council announcing that it has gone up, with a letter saying “we have frozen it for two years”.

Government would not allow them to increase the council tax.

Now they will be doing what they are good at – wasting more of our money.

BM Stainrod

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