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LED street lighting
LED street lighting
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I wrote some time ago about the abysmal so-called new lighting system, it is in fact darker now than before.

I communicated first with our local councillor Mick Rooney and he informed MP Clive Betts about the complaints he had had from residents.

They visited on a cold wet windy Friday night in February along with Jonathan Skill who was featured in The Star some time ago with the device for turning said lights on.

This problem has been going on for some time and Mr Betts has been supportive and let me know through email the updates concerning the lighting problem.

He had a meeting with Councillor Fox and Graeme Symmonds from Amey who also came to look and agreed there was insufficient light for our street.

Mr Betts emailed me in September informing me that there would be extra lighting for our street in the next few weeks.

So I waited patiently for Amey to arrive and start the work, but alas nothing has happened.

I emailed Mr Betts and he sent a communication to Terry Fox who said he had authorised it some four months ago.

He emailed again to say if it was not up and running by Christmas I was to let him know.

I did this on December 21.

I have also emailed Terry Fox but he has not replied.

A very disgruntled Badger Estate Resident

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