Waistcoat Wednesday?

Sports personality of the year, it's a given, Gareth and the boys.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 30th July 2018, 6:40 am
Updated Monday, 30th July 2018, 6:42 am
Get caught up in waistcoat fever
Get caught up in waistcoat fever

How very civilised the footie has become, out go football shirts, in comes the waistcoat.

All thanks to the new fashionista, Gareth Southgate.

Everyone ready for waistcoat Wednesday?

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Shame on you EB Warris

After reading the “Your Say” pages and the letter by EB Warris saying “Losers are coming home”, (July, 24), How dare you, sir, say that about the England team and their manager?

They worked really, really hard during their last match.

Yes, the England team came fourth, but they did their best and made it so far.

Shame on you for saying that.

Did you even watch the World Cup?

L Rowe

Sheffield, S20

That was below the belt

In answer to Mr Warris’s letter regarding the England football team.

This group of young lads probably weren’t quite good enough and I’m sure each and every one of them is disappointed at not winning a medal.

But to start picking spots off of them now regarding hotels etc. and saying Mr Southgate was dressed like a dog’s dinner is below the belt, to say the least.

Be proud of what they did achieve and not what they didn’t.

For years we have had to put up with managers and players who, to be honest, were not fit to represent our country.

Get behind these lads and Mr Southgate and who knows.

Mr Warris, you must be the only person who thinks that way.

I haven’t taken a poll but I believe 99 per cent of England were behind them and think they did well.

Mr Southgate has done a wonderful job to turn it round in two years, so who cares what he wears.

Ian Wood, Owl and England supporter

Edmund Avenue, Brinsworth, Rotherham

Hopefully it won’t happen

I can’t believe people want Peter Stringfellow to have a star on the walk of fame.

What fame? All he did was own strip clubs. The walk of fame surely should be for somebody who has done something good in life and deserves that place. Hopefully, that won’t happen for him.

Brenda Wilkinson

Lodge Moor, S10

He deserves a plaque

I firmly believe that Pete Stringfellow deserves a plaque outside the Town Hall but after my enquiries on behalf of Marti Caine, I was told that to get a plaque you had to be alive and kicking.

This I disagree with, after seeing names that were not born in Sheffield getting honoured. Seb Coe, for one, is a Londoner and as soon as he left University he as off back “ dahn sarf”, as was all his family including his mother and father.

I know Marti Caine has a memorial at the top of Howard Street but that looks like a remnant of a demolished building, not really befitting a great Sheffield lass.

All the workers and firm owners who put Sheffield on the lips of people around the world should be honoured, from the Victorian age to today and their plaque should be slightly larger for all the hard work they did and who spent their entire lives working in the steel and cutlery trades. The same goes for all the workers in the different trades connected with steel.

Just why should the living be remembered? On second thoughts the council can’t get a photo shoot with the dear departed, can they?

I’m just waiting for the fool of a Lord Mayor to get honoured.

Vin Malone

Gleadless, S14

Hagan was the greatest

I’ve been supporting Sheffield United since 1945.

They say Tony Currie was the best ever. Not so. Jimmy Hagan was the greatest ballplayer I’ve seen at the Lane. When he wasn’t playing, crowds were down by 4,000 at Saturday matches.

E Wilson

Sheffield, S5

A diversion from the heat

Very good attendance at the Lane last night. Nearly 19,000 for a friendly. The Blades fans deserve a better, more ambitious board to repay their loyalty.

I got the feeling last night, coming back from the station and seeing all the Blades shirts, and the large crowd behind The Clubhouse pub at the bottom of London Road, that they couldn’t wait for the new season to start, after the World Cup and the long, hot summer. They need something else to get stuck into, a diversion from the heat, and the boring close season.

John C Fowler

Leverton Gardens, S11

City clubs should merge

I don’t think the time is very far away before Sheffield is without a football team.

Both clubs seem to be further away from success and prosperity than ever.

It’s always the same old rhetoric year after year, with managers and players coming and going and seemingly getting nowhere. Any other business would have folded long ago.

One other solution would be to merge and try and put together some kind of footballing side with spirit and determination to succeed instead of Wednesday and United fans bickering about who is best. At the moment it’s neither, the City of Sheffield deserves better.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14

He should step down

There has hardly a day gone by without there being a photo or a letter in The Star about the Lord Mayor, Magid Magid.

He is an immigrant who wears his hat back to front.

He is entitled to his own views and opinions, just like the rest of us, but as Lord Mayor he represents all of us and should remain neutral.

Wearing a comedy Mexican hat was racist and he should step down before he is removed from office because we can not put up with him for another 10 months.

John I Beardshaw

Crookes, Sheffield, S10