Waggy tailed Sheffield pooch Tasha looking for a home

Tasha looking for a new home
Tasha looking for a new home
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HERE’S a tale about Tasha and her tail...

This beautiful dog is placid and affectionate and staff at the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre say she never stops wagging her tail – which has caused the pooch something of a problem.

Care manager Tony Benham said: “Tasha does nothing but wag her tail - which ironically has caused a bit of a problem.

“She has wagged it hard against the wall of her kennel and she has had to have a bandage on her tail to stop her doing any damage to it.

“Tasha, who is a wonderful sable-coloured German Shepherd and Collie crossbreed, is about five years old.”

Tony added: “When she arrived at our centre, she was quite underweight and she had a skin condition that caused some sores and hair loss which is now cured. We are so pleased to see her fur back to being so plush.”

Though affectionate with people, Tasha is not keen on other animals and only really tolerates other dogs and she much prefers it if they are quiet and steady.

Tony said she can be a bit vocal and clingy - but it is part of her lovely nature as ‘she is just one of those dogs who loves human attention’.

She also enjoys a good walk.

Tony said: “We would advise an average of two lots of 30 minute walks a day – more if possible – for this medium sized dog.

“Tasha is a good eater, eating standard food, small amount of meat and a treat of Spam now and again.

“She would suit an environment with people who are around a lot as she adores company and would be best suited to a home with children around 10 or older.

“She is a lovely dog, a real lady, who would be a great addition in the right home.”

n RSPCA Sheffield in Stadium Way, Attercliffe, is open every day from 12.30pm until 3.30pm except Wednesdays and can be contacted on 0114 289 8050. The centre is also looking for foster homes.