Vow to run services for children in wake of cuts

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Nursery bosses have vowed to fight to provide services for children and families – despite a cut in subsidies.

Four mums last week lost their bid for a judicial review into Sheffield Council’s decision to stop grants to independent nurseries.

The council welcomed the High Court decision, saying it was money it no longer had following cuts in its own funding.

But Sally Pearse, from the Consortium for Children and Families, said: “Everyone believes these services are too important to lose. In his judgement, the judge referred to the detailed briefings we prepared for councillors during the review and it is a pity members did not engage better with nurseries and parents at the time.

“Unfortunately, we are now in an even bleaker period for early years provision in Sheffield, this decision coming, as it does, on the back of the council announcing all preventative services in Children’s Centres across the city will cease. The combined loss of funding and support to families is devastating.

“The community sector is still committed to providing services for children and families and we will continue to do so as long as we can.”